IV Boosters July 2020 Daily Raffle


Contact a Coach or Booster Club Member to purchase a ticket.            
Must be 21 y/o to purchase a ticket.

All Winners are required to meet all federal and state requirements to claim prize. 
                                                                            Some items may not be in stock at the time of drawing.

All proceeds will benefit the Indian Valley Booster Club. 


All Winners will be given a voucher to claim prize. Prize MUST be claimed within 30 days from the date the ticket was drawn. 


Daily winners will be contacted by Steve Carlisle, or you can contact him at 330-340-0876

                                                                       ******Daily winners will be announced here and also on the IV Athletic Boosters Facebook page**********        

2020 Raffle Winners Are...

Day 1-July 1st:   Sally Wigfield

Day 2-July 2nd:  Brock McDevitt

Day 3-July 3rd:  Greg Zontini

Day 4-July 4th:  Chuck Wenger

Day 5-July 5th:  Andrew Bache

Day 6-July 6th:  Adam Tulak

Day 7-July 7th: Joe Weaver

Day  8-July 8th:  Shannon McComb

Day  9-July 9th:  Eric Sanford  

Day  10-July  10th:  Koty Murphy

Day  11-July 11th:   

Day  12-July 12th:  

Day  13-July 13th:   

Day  14-July 14th:  

Day  15-July 15th:   

Day  16-July 16th:  

Day  17-July 17th:  

Day  18-July 18th:  

Day 19-July 19th:  

Day 20-July 20th:  

Day 21-July 21st:  

Day 22-July 22nd: 

Day 23-July 23rd:  

Day 24-July 24th:  

Day 25-July 25th:  

Day 26-July 26th:  

Day 27-July 27th:  

Day 28-July 28th:  

Day 29-July 29th:  

Day 30-July 30th:  

Day 31-July 31st:  

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