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Find up to date events by navigating to the calendar page, contacting the Booster Club or any of its leaders, or checking out the IV Booster Club on social media.


Our main fundraisers are the running of concession stands at IV sporting events. Sport-specific info is located on the individual sports pages, but here are some general tips and expectations for concession stand work.

Please contact the booster club about shifts at ivboosterclub@gmail.com 

We use SIGNUP.COM to help remind you of your scheduled shift

Click here for a link to the current signup schedules for the 2019 Football Season.


PLEASE NOTE: 1 Parent is requested - 2 is even better if possible!!


We have made EVERY effort to ONLY schedule you ONE shift this season

(even if you have multiple children in the program).

  • Be Courteous!

  • Arrive Early

  • Help in-between games

  • Extra help is ALWAYS NEEDED!

  • Recognize the need!

  • Jump in to help! (even if it's just to help alleviate the line!)

*Please be courteous of those working a shift ahead of you! Arrive early to help with in-between games & also during half-times! (sometimes a little extra help is needed and we appreciate you recognizing the need & jumping in to help if needed).

CONCESSIONS is where our Athletic Booster Club makes the MOST money for YOUR kids!

To make those stands SUCCESSFUL, we need YOUR help!
1. We ask that you work 1 or 2 games* WHEN YOUR child is NOT playing!
*extra help is sometimes needed 


*if you can help JUST during halftime...your help is APPRECIATED!
RESTOCK, restock, restock like you are a Squirrel preparing for winter!

Restock constantly through the 1st quarter to prepare for Halftime!


LASTLY! Start closing up, washing up, and restocking for next home game, and as ALWAYS, THANK YOU for your help!