Indian Valley Braves Athletic Booster Club

                                                                                              You will find any information we need to share about upcoming events, concession stand shifts, camp information, etc. 
Please check back often for updated info
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Check out the latest info on the following upcoming events:
*If you'd like something pertaining to a specific sport mentioned anywhere on our web-site, please contact us @ ivboosterclub@gmail.com 

                                                                      FUNDRAISERS to get "IN" on!
                                                                                   Contact a Coach or Booster Club Member to purchase a ticket.           
                                                                    Must be 21 y/o to purchase a ticket. All Winners are required to meet all federal and state requirements to claim prize. 
                                                                            Some items may not be in stock at the time of drawing. All proceeds will benefit the Indian Valley Booster Club. 
                                                    All Winners will be given a voucher to claim prize. Prize MUST be claimed within 30 days from the date the ticket was drawn. 
                                                                       ******Daily winners will be announced here and also on the IV Athletic Boosters Facebook page**********                                                                                                        

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*More Information COMING SOON on How to Purchase your Season Passes! 

Take a look under the CALENDAR of Events to find WHAT'S going on in Sports
around IVHS this week!         

                                                                                                                                    Concession Schedules will be posted under EACH sport. 
Please check back for updates.
    CONCESSIONS is where our Athletic Booster Club makes the MOST money for YOUR kids!
To make those stands SUCCESSFUL, we need YOUR help!
1. We ask that you work 1 or 2 games* WHEN YOUR child is NOT playing!
*extra help is sometimes needed 
*if you can help JUST during halftime...your help is APPRECIATED!

-RESTOCK, restock, restock like you are a Squirrel preparing for winter!

Restock constantly through the 1st quarter to prepare for Halftime!
LASTLY! Start closing up, washing up, and restocking for next home game, and as ALWAYS, THANK YOU for your help!

                  Join our Remind line!
               Text @ivabc to 81010 to start receiving current event information from The IV Athletic Booster Club! 
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